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Randy Neal

Attorney and Counselor at Law

   For eighteen years, I was a federal and state law enforcement officer in six different states. I was certified as a peace officer, instructor and expert witness in law enforcement subject matters in four different states.

   I worked my way through law school, graduating with honors in 2002 in the charter class of the William S. Boyd School of Law at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

  My first job was in the prestigious Office of Legal Counsel of the United States Department of Justice. In 2005, Senator Mike Crapo presented me for admission to the bar of the Supreme Court of the United States, achieved by less than 10% of all attorneys.

   I served as a major felonies prosecutor in Idaho Falls for the Bonneville County Prosecuting Attorney's Office. I took a significant number of high profile cases to trial with an extremely high success rate. I was named Prosecutor of the Year by the International Association of Arson Investigators.

  In 2008, I served with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security as Assistant Chief Counsel for Immigration and Customs Enforcement. I routinely represented the Department before the nation's immigration courts.

   In 2010, I founded my own law practice. I am admitted to practice law in eleven jurisdictions and have represented clients throughout the country. I practice in civil litigation, immigration, family law, employment law, criminal defense, and debt collection/defense. I have conducted continuing legal education classes concerning immigration law for government and private attorneys, and have testified as an expert witness in immigration law in multiple courts.


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